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should've done it yesterday, but i'll do it tomorrow, don't want to live
last message: i know you wont be reading this, because you'll never check my page, but you're a cock sucking moron, who just lied and pretended to be nice. really you are a piece of shit, you just took from me, then stomped me. every single word you said was a lie. i really tried to help, with all of my heart, you seemed very sad, i really cared about you, was there for you, but in the end, how you repaid me? ignored me and left me alone. when i needed a person who would care for me, when i needed that the most. you did worse than my non existing family did to me. so enjoy being important, enjoy "being you", enjoy fucking with your friends and people at the parties. fuck you!!!
your phrase "talk to you later" and then a block that followed everywhere, that i couldn't even type to you, that was the most disgusting thing to do, only the lowest scum do that, i hope you would choke on those words one day. also choke on my drawings that i did for you. didn't finish them,i know, but it's the attention that counts. also you took one of them, if it's still there, (probably not, you probably deleted it) choke on it.
as for the rest, i'm gimped heavily, no point in denying it, only stupid people would do that, there's nothing i could do about it all, if no one could finish me off, i'll do it myself.
now, Farewell.  


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